Sydney, Australia- by bus

This is the first of three posts from our two days in Sydney.

- By bus
- By boat- coming soon

- Opera House closeup and leaving- coming soon

Sydney by bus

First stop, the Domain Sydney- a nice park with the most photographed scenic in town, and maybe in the country

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03050_Detail
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03038_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03044_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03045 -1
Interesting factoid: L01 and L02 are STOL amphibious assault ships repurposed by the Australian Navy as helo ships. At least one is always in the harbor in case a Very Important Person in the government or visitor is in need of a helicopter because there are no helicopter landing areas on land in Sydney.

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03048 -1
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03047 -1
Assorted Buildings, through a bus window

02_22_24 sydney s DSC03011_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03013_DxOVP
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03028_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03077_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03078 -1
St. Vincents Hospital

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03080_Detail
Street scenes, still through a bus window
(please excuse any reflections or other oops')

02_22_24 sydney DSC03005_Localtone
Under the bridge, looking the other direction


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03018_Localtone
Note to city planners: install more signs here; drivers are complaining they are running out of things to read while waiting for the light to change.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03058_Localtone
New South Wales Art Museum, 'Maman' the spider.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03063 -1
Art of another type


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03067_Localtone
Mad Monkey


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03068_Localtone
Tat and a trim at the same place


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03071_Localtone
Daddy's and...


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03076_Localtone


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03072 -1
with Coca-Cola above it all and...


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03075_Localtone
down there represented.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03081 -1
Even the street signs are polite in Sydney.

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03098_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03101_Localtone
No comment that wouldn't sound ridiculously immature.


02_22_24 Sydney S DSC03102_Localtone
A family joke

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03108_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03111_Localtone
(no extra charge for the reflection of our bus)


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03083_Detail
This way to the beach

(world famous) Bondi Beach

02_22_24 sydney SS DSC03085 -1
A National Surfing Reserve is actually a thing?

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03086_2_Detail

02_22_24 sydney SS DSC03088_Localtone
Ruth rescued Wilson from a difficult incident involving his thong speedo, a women's rugby team, and a gallon of marshmallow fluff he had.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03091 -1
Travis Kelce's girlfriend was in town to do a series of concerts. The maker of Twisties, a popular Australian chip, united two "cultural icons"; thus, Twifties appeared in the sky over Sydney.

02_22_24 Sydney S DSC03095 -1

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbor, Australia- an early morning ode to the port

Not only is the city wonderful, but the Sydney Harbor is spectacular. We sailed in early in the morning when the light was near at its best and, since we were a smaller ship,  docked on the far side of the harbor in White Bay. 

Geekdom: all the images are from RAW, processed as HDR files, and polished in Radiant Photo. The thumbnails below are 1/2 size JPEG files.   

I present to you the Sydney Harbor in all its glory:

02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02953 -1
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02954_Detail
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02956_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02959_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02962_Detail
Australian Navy Base

02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02969_Localtone
Passing the Sydney Opera House

02_22_24 sydney S DSC02965_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02970_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02972_Localtone
Moving on...

02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02974_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02976_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02978_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02979_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02981_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02982_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02986_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02988_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02994_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02995_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney harbor S DSC02996_Localtone

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Sydney Harbor, Australia

Dunedin, New Zealand: Glorious Scenics, but a big challenge

Dunedin is our last stop in New Zealand before venturing on to Australia. Dunedin, derived from the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, is the largest city in the southern half of the South Island of New Zealand. Its resident population of 120,000 is bolstered by about 20,000 kids... students... attending the University of Otago in town.

The day started with a nice sunrise as we entered port.

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02777 -1

Our trip is to the scenic Taieri Gorge on the Dunedin Railway. The Railway is an interesting story. New Zealand has an extensive rail system throughout the country. As railway needs were replaced by motor vehicles, the need for rail service to the mines and towns to and past the Gorge declined to the point that the line was shut down. Some of it was converted to biking paths, but the City of Dunedin bought the section to and through the Gorge, turning it into a riding experience for tourists and others. They use a mixture of restored railcars and locomotives for the tours. Unfortunately, since most passengers were tourists off cruise ships, COVID-19 forced the line into hibernation when tourism ceased. The line was resurrected in late 2021, and despite losing money, the City Council agreed to operate through 2024. The line's future is in question, but discussions are ongoing about keeping this attractive excursion active.   

Whining follows; skip if you want to. The scenics are wonderful through the Gorge but present a huge challenge to capturing images. The carriages are typical train cars with big windows, but they are glass, not open. It makes for a comfortable air-conditioned ride, but the reflections on a bright, sunny day are almost overwhelming. Cell Phones do kinda' OK because they can be pushed flat against a window, cutting out a lot of glare and reflection; DSLR's not so much. The solution is a good polarizer, keeping lenses at a 90-degree angle to the window, taking a lot of pictures, and dodging reflections if possible.   

Some nice scenics despite the challenges...

The first part of the journey is in the flatlands from Dunedin on the commercial rail line to the cutoff to the Gorge. Spent the time trying to figure out ways around the reflections that didn't involve a baseball bat, shattering glass and jail time. The images were sacrificed a bit.

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02795
Lots of sheep. Some of our fellow travelors could not resist making baa- ad jokes.


02_18_24 NZ S DSC02798_Localtone
More sheep

After the cutoff, the train slowed,  and the climb to and through the Gorge commenced.

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02806_Localtone
02_18_24 NZ S DSC02810_Localtone

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02818_Localtone
The Wingatui Viaduct is the largest wrought iron structure in New Zealand. No, it is not another train. They crossed the viaduct, let us disembark, and backed the train back over for a photo opportunity. They were nice enough to return and pick us back up.


02_18_24 NZ S DSC02821_Localtone
The pine trees are all hand-planted and then harvested about 25-years later for the thriving timber industry in New Zealand.

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02834_Localtone
02_18_24 NZ S DSC02845_Localtone
02_18_24 NZ S DSC02855_Localtone

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02860_Localtone
Crossing Christmas Creek

02_18_24 S NZ DSC02871_Localtone
02_18_24 NZ S DSC02864_Localtone
02_18_24 NZ S DSC02867_Localtone

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02872_Localtone
Two signs along the way

02_18_24 NZ S DSC02870 -1
Dangerous and very dangerous


02_18_24 NZ S DSC02884 -1
At the halfway point, where the train reversed course back to Dunedin, we disembarked at a nice park area. Several benches were scattered about, including this one.

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Dunedin, New Zealand

Sydney, Australia: Bucket-list Images

G'day, two days in Sydney, and we are now leaving (it is about 6 pm on Friday, 2/23). Lots of images of our tromping around this beautiful city to come.

But first, here are two images that have been on my Bucket List for a long time.

Coming into Sydney harbor just after sunrise with the iconic Opera House on the right
Sydney just after sunset.

Three letters: O  M  G... a major checkmark for the Bucket List!

02_22_24 sydney S DSC02965_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03165 -1
If you get a chance, the full-sized images are really worth a glance.

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Sydney, Australia


Wellington, New Zealand: a hiccup and a solo walk

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and the center for cultural, administrative, and political matters. It is another mix of old and new buildings, making it great for streetwalking (tired of the old joke yet?).

A slight hiccup in the Grand Plan:
Ruth strained a lower back muscle in the previous port (could it have been the wine... nah). The ship doctor prescribed two days of low activity and some fairly strong meds. The Good News (?) is, in a show of solidarity with his creator, Wilson decided to stay on board with her. As usual, his motives may have been slightly suspect.  The Best News: after two days, Ruth is fine (not so sure about Wilson).  

02_22_24 wilson S DSC02999_Detail

Another beautiful arrival.

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02704 -1
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02706_Detail

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02707_Detail

The city walk

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02708_Localtone

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02709_Localtone
Supreme Court of New Zealand


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02710 - 2
Staircase down in a new building

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02711 -1

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02712_Localtone
"Woman of Words": statue honoring New Zealand writer, Katherine Mansfield. Made of stainless steel and etched with words from her writings

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02714 -1
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02716_Detail
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02718 -1
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02721 -1

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02724 -1
Window reflection


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02727_Localtone
Nicknamed the Beehive. The executive wing of the New Zealand Parliament

A Study of the Wellington Cenotaph, also known as the Wellington Citizens' War Memorial, in four parts

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02729 -1
"Those who would have been their sons they gave their immortality."


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02730 -1


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02731 -1


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02732 -1

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Wellington, New Zealand

Napier, New Zealand: More Wine and a pop quiz

Napier, in Hawke's Bay, is a scenic city, largely rebuilt in an Art Deco style after an earthquake destroyed much of the city in 1931. The weekend we were there was an Art Deco Festival, so lots of vintage cars, people dressed in period costumes, and the city all decorated up. Hawke's Bay enjoys a Californian/ Mediterranean climate and is known for its wine. Off we went to verify the wine quality.

First, a Pop Quiz:

What major export is the area known for?


02_15_24 NZ S DSC02648 -1

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02652
Got it?

Mission Estate Winery
The oldest winery in New Zealand, established in 1851 by French Catholic Missionaries. Trivia: in 2005, Rod Stewart played to 25,000 fans at an annual concert held on the grounds.

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02674 -1

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02656 -1
Top Secret image of an actual tasting


02_15_24 NZ S DSC02657 -1
Wilson puts in an appearance. Note that most folks at the table were smart enough to ignore his antics.

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02658_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02660 -1
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02664_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02665_Localtone

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02671_Localtone
A very small wine cellar. The bottle is in the floor just inside the entrance. It is a bottle of 1963 Fontanelle Sparkling Wine. Memorialized because it was the first wine in New Zealand made using Methode Traditionelle, the traditional method of making champagne-style wines.


02_15_24 NZ S DSC02675_Detail
Proof that we are in New Zealand and not, say, California

Abbey Estate Winery (and Brewery)
A smaller boutique winery located in Bridge Pa, Hawkes Bay. Established in 2002. The main building is an interpretation of a Gothic abbey. Really nice wines!

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02677 -1

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02693_Localtone
Passion Rose 2023

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02678 -1
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02683_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02684_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02687 -1

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Napier/ Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Tauranga, New Zealand: short walk to a beautiful beach

Tauranga is a small coastal city in the Bay of Plenty and the fifth most populous city in New Zealand. The harbor features a beautiful beach with Mount Maunganui in the background.

A walk to the beach (technically, the beach is next to our ship, but we walked through town to get to it)...

02_14_24 S NZ DSC02613_Localtone
Coronation Park: very nice

02_14_24 NZ S DSC02614_Detail

02_14_24 NZ S DSC02615 -1
The eyes!


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02611 -2
New Zealand Police closed?


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02616 -1
A Boat and a Bell. Boat Bell? Bell Boat?


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02617 -1
Repurposed Door
02_14_24 NZ S DSC02619 -1
New Zealand Defense Forces recruitment. Snoozepod??


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02619 -1
Planter in an out-of-business mini-mall


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02624
Words of Wisdom


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02630 -1
Pet Stores are very different in New Zealand.


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02631 -1
Thank God its February!

The Beach

02_14_24 NZ S DSC02634_Localtone
A beautiful day to go to the beach!


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02639_Localtone
Four Boats and a Swimmer


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02641_Localtone
Boats in the water, boats on the beach... and a bird


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02643
Working side of the beach


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02645_Detail
Final view with Mount Maunganui (Mauao) in the background

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Tauranga, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand, Day 2: streetwalk and an experiment

Auckland is a beautiful city, nicknamed the "City of Sails" because of its location between two harbors and generally great weather. It is also the largest city in New Zealand with 1.3 million residents. The downtown is an interesting contrast between new and old, making it a great place to streetwalk.

The experiment? The only camera I shot with was my new Amkov R5. CAUTION: photogeek stuff follows; feel free to skip the rest of the paragraph. The Amkov is a miniature camera developed in Hong Kong as a Kickstarter project last year. It looks a lot like a DSLR but is very small; about 1/4 the size of a traditional full-size DLSR, and very light. This makes it good for unobtrusive work. Tech specs, you ask? Mirrorless, Sony CMOS supporting 48mp High-Resolution, AF Autofocus (that works most of the time), 3" flip-up display, 5X optical/ 8X digital zoom functions, and 2G6P lens.  

Anyway, urban streetwalk with a small lens...

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0004_DxOVP
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0005
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0006
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0009

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0002_DxOVP
Sidenote: the public facilities were immaculate

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0011
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0012
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0014
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0018

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0019_2 DxOVP
Barbarella. The image is not grainy, it's the wall finish


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0022
Kiwi dentistry

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0024

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0026
Those who know me will get the insider joke.

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0034
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0035
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0037

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0038
Inside an old restored building

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0039_DxOVP
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0041_DxOVP
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0042

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0048
Rentals are down in The Guardian. The first floor occupant is an IT store


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0049
Hey, all you Craigs, I found your building!


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0050
Hope the product is better than the sign maintenance

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0053-2

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0057_DxOVP
The other side of the old ferry terminal


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0061
Who's the Boss?

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0063_DxOVP

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0066_DxOVP
The interior of an out-of-business Club by the port

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Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand: wine island!

Waiheke Island is a 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland and is the most populated island in the gulf. Most importantly, it is home to 30 boutique wineries in its only 92 square kilometers (36 sq. miles). It is actually nicknamed the "Island of Wine" due to the proliferation of wineries. Good for us!

Ferry to Waiheke

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02518 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02520_Localtone
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02521 -1
Batch Winery

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02540 -1

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02526 -1
Tasting Room


02_12_24 NZ S DSC02531 -1
A nice sparking Rose, good White, and interesting Red... with snacks!

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02538 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02523_Localtone
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02528_Localtone
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02524_Localtone
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02525 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02532_Localtone

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02537
It's not all hard work at a winery.

Stony Ridge Winery

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02541 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02542 -1

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02549 -1
The camera is not askew... we really were on a slope

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02544_Localtone
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02545 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02551_Localtone

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02554 -1
Caravan Bar Outdoor Deck, with Wi-Fi and Fine Wine

View through a bus window

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02562 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02564 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02567 -1
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02569 -1
Ferry back to Auckland

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02572 -1
Camping, New Zealand- style. They have a tent put up.


02_12_24 NZ S DSC02573 -1
Big house under construction on a hill. Nice view! Not sure what they are building next to it.

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02576_Detail
02_12_24 NZ S DSC02579_Detail

02_12_24 NZ S DSC02583_Localtone
Ferry docks with old ferry terminal in the center.

Later that night...

02_12_24 nz S DSC02584 -1

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Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Bay of Islands, New Zealand: an island trip

The Bay of Islands is an enclave of more than 140 islands next to New Zealand's North Island. It is the home of the whaling port of Russell, New Zealand's first colonial capital. Russell was the first permanent European settlement and seaport in New Zealand.  Its early nickname was 'The hellhole of the Pacific' because it was a shore leave destination for sailors, whalers and traders during the 19th century. Our trip today is a ferry ride to and then walking around Russell.

First, a brief walk around the docking port.

02_11_24 nz S DSC02432_Localtone

02_11_24 nz S DSC02433 -1
Kiwi emojis

02_11_24 nz S DSC02437 -1
02_11_24 nz S DSC02438_Localtone
02_11_24 nz S DSC02439_Localtone
02_11_24 nz S DSC02444 -1

02_11_24 nz S DSC02443 -1
Waiting for the ferry

Ferry to Russell

02_11_24 nz S DSC02451_Localtone

02_11_24 nz S DSC02455 -1
Russell ahead of us

02_11_24 nz S DSC02457_Detail
02_11_24 nz S DSC02461 -1

02_11_24 nz S DSC02468_Localtone
Entrance to town


02_11_24 nz S DSC02467 -1
People OK, Fish not so much?

02_11_24 nz S DSC02470_Detail

02_11_24 nz S DSC02471 -1
Kinda offsets the Hell Hole nickname


02_11_24 nz S DSC02472_Localtone
Giant Manganese boulder

02_11_24 nz S DSC02474 -1

02_11_24 nz S DSC02475 -1
"Commemorating the past and the new with thanks to those who gave so that we can live the bountiful life we lead."


02_11_24 nz S DSC02476 -1
No picture of the hotel because it was blocked by rascal/ reprobate vehicles and trees


02_11_24 nz S DSC02480 -1
Butterfly amongst round spikey fruit


02_11_24 nz S DSC02483 -1
Bowling, New Zealand style

02_11_24 nz S DSC02484_Detail

02_11_24 nz S DSC02485_Localtone
"Hell Hole" is actually just a coffee shop. Wild times!


02_11_24 nz S DSC02486 -1
Leaving Russell on a ferry boat

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Bay of Islands/ Russell, New Zealand


Suva, Fiji: a tourist tour

Suva is on the peninsula on the island of Viti Levu and is the largest city in the South Pacific. It is the political and administrative capital of Fiji. Suva was the last of the South Pacific island ports for us before moving on the New Zealand.

As we stood on our balcony just after arriving in port before disembarkation started, several people gathered at the end of the port building on the dock. They pulled out large signs advertising the glories of the private excursions they offered and waved them at whoever on the ship would look at them. They were too far away to hear, but they shouted what we assumed were the virtues of their tours. One guy pointed at Ruth and enthusiastically waved his sign of pretty pictures. He and Ruth engaged in a weird kind of conversation consisting mostly of waving their arms at each other and yelling things neither could hear. At one point, Ruth grabbed our binoculars, and the guy froze while Ruth studied his sign. Upon the end of the "conversation," we went back into our cabin.


we disembarked with no planned excursion. As we exited the port building (actually a large warehouse), we were pounced upon by independent tour operators, urging us to take THEIR tour because it was better. Ruth found her new friend and his sign. We signed up for his tour, much to the chagrin and dismay of the other operators, and off we went in a somewhat battered-up blue minivan with several other tourists. 

The first stop was the President's mansion.

Boring political stuff follows, skip to the pictures if you want.

Fiji's government is a little confusing, mostly as a result of coups and its growth from the old tribal systems. The head of State is the President, elected by the Parliament after being nominated by the Prime Minister. The position is largely honorary, somewhat like the British Monarchy. Real power is in the cabinet, presided over by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is elected by the Parliament.

In addition to all this, there is a Great Council of Chiefs (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) which runs the hierarchy of provinces, districts, and villages.   


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02380 -1
Ceremonial Guard (guys in fatigues were nearby)


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02387_Detail
As close as anyone can get to the President's Mansion


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02390 -1
The President's Helipad, with a nice background

02_08_24 fiji S DSC02393_Detail
Our second stop was one of the highest points in the city, with a scenic view of the port. 

02_08_24 fiji S DSC02394_Localtone
Our third stop was to watch traditional fire dancing in a traditional village. Unfortunately, when we pulled up we were advised that the family of the Chief, who lived in the next village over, had a serious medical issue. Tradition demanded no celebrating or dancing, and everyone stand around quietly. We looked from the van at several people standing around quietly and left. 

Our fourth stop was a natural area with ponds and falls and nice photo opportunities. We were joined by two, later three, tour buses as well as a scattering of minivan tours and cabs. 

Our guides told us the area was home to several rare birds. They said we wouldn't see the birds because they were only around late in the day,  but there were pictures of them, as seen below. Look carefully at the sign.

02_08_24 fiji S DSC02399 -1
Trail or Trial. A suspected typo.

The walk to the ponds and falls was a bit strenuous, particularly given it was a typical "warm" tropical day. The destination was worth the effort.

02_08_24 fiji S DSC02400 -1
First of the upper pools


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02419 -1
How some offset the tropical climate


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02403_Localtone
End of the Upper Pools


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02406 -1
Lower Falls of the Upper Pools


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02413 -1
Water in motion


02_08_24 fiji S DSC02415_Localtone
A trail to???????

02_08_24 fiji S DSC02420_Detail
Ruth conquered the jungle

Our last stop was "shopping." We were dropped off at a large complex of stores about ten minutes from the ship. After a bit of mandatory shopping, we decided to walk back to the ship instead of riding the free shuttle. 

02_08_24 fiji S ANMP0013
Harbor Scenic


02_08_24 fiji S ANMP0020
A guy we stopped to talk to at the port. I told him I would put his picture on the internet, so I did.

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02_08_24 fiji S ANMP0015_DxOVP
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Suva, Fiji


Apia, Samoa- a streetwalk

Apia is the capital of and the largest city of Samoa. The Apia Urban Area had a population of 36,735 in the 2011 Census. A very urban area, so a streetwalk...

02_06_24 apia S ANMP0020
Row boat? NO, BOAT ROW


02_06_24 apia S ANMP0021_DxOVP
Sign at the port

02_06_24 apia S ANMP0010
The bay Apia is built around.

02_06_24 apia S DSC02333_Localtone

02_06_24 apia S ANMP0012
'Not real sure about the point of the statue. If you move slightly to the left, he is anatomically correct. Also, not really sure what Wilson is saying putting himself in the picture.


02_06_24 apia S DSC02331 -1
Close-up of part of a homage in a park


02_06_24 apia S DSC02332 -1
Church, urban-style.
02_06_24 apia S DSC02375 -1
Next to the church. Immaculate Caffe; Fresh Brewed Coffee, and Religious Shop

02_06_24 apia S DSC02334 -1

02_06_24 apia S DSC02337 -1
#4: very big, very imposing building


02_06_24 apia S DSC02338 -2
On down the street a bit, another church


02_06_24 apia S DSC02340 -1
Commemorating the establishment of the Methodist Church in Samoa


02_06_24 apia S DSC02341 -1
WWII Memorial


02_06_24 apia S DSC02342 -1
Heavy Chinese presence in the islands, some say dating back to the introduction of Chinese migrant workers


02_06_24 apia S DSC02345 -1_DxOVP
The clock tower is the central point of the city


02_06_24 apia S DSC02348 -1
Window covering at a closed camera shop...


02_06_24 apia S DSC02348 -1_DAP_UrbanSketch
Reimagined as a painting in the style "Urban Sketch."


02_06_24 apia S DSC02371 -1
The shop makes, in the back of the store, and sells all their dresses


02_06_24 apia S DSC02356 -1
Ruth buying a dress made in the back of the shop


02_06_24 apia S DSC02352 -1_DAP_Aquarell
Floral display in the shop reimagined in an Aquarell painting style


02_06_24 apia S DSC02365 -1
Street scene looking back at the clock tower


02_06_24 apia S DSC02367 -1
"Supporting Samoans to take on the world"


02_06_24 apia S DSC02372 -1
My own BoomBox!


02_06_24 apia S DSC02374 -1_DAP_flowers
Urban street flowers reimagined in a classic painting style

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Apia, Samoa

Pago Pago, American Samoa- roadtrip!

Pago Pago on the island of Tutila is the capital of American Samoa, about 2,300 miles from New Zealand and 1,600 miles from Hawaii. The two primary sources of revenue are tourism and processing tuna. The island consists largely of a mountain running its length with very little flatland, so some of the traditional tropical crops cannot be grown for resale.

If you are a native of the island or a knowledgeable visitor, you pronounce the name as Pango- Pango, otherwise, you are just a tourist.

It was a dark and stormy day at the beginning of our visit...

02_04_24 pago S DSC02234_Localtone
As noted, tuna is a major source of income. There are two huge processing plants, one with a familiar name...

02_04_24 pago S DSC02229_Detail
Starkist Samoa

with a colorful representative.

02_04_24 pago S DSC02228_Detail

We engaged the services of a local cabbie to tour the island and we took off in his pickup truck, cleverly disguised as an "Airport Cab." The weather cleared a bit, with the rain mostly stopping, but continued as a threat.

02_04_24 pago S DSC02235_Localtone
02_04_24 pago S DSC02239_Localtone
02_04_24 pago S DSC02243 -1

02_04_24 pago S DSC02249 -1
The rain chased us along the island

02_04_24 pago S DSC02256 -1
02_04_24 pago S DSC02258 -1
02_04_24 pago S DSC02261 -1
02_04_24 pago S DSC02262 -1

02_04_24 pago S DSC02267 -1
An unusual site: many homes had familial burial sites in front of the home

02_04_24 pago S DSC02268 -1
02_04_24 pago S DSC02269_Localtone

02_04_24 pago S DSC02272 -1
A fallen breadfruit


02_04_24 pago S DSC02274 -1
A four-legged gang just out lookin' for trouble.


02_04_24 pago S DSC02278 -1
One of the many, many churches. It seemed like every village or even wide spots on the road had a church or churches. We were there on a Sunday, and almost everything on the island was closed. Stu, our driver, said everyone except cab drivers went to church on Sunday.

02_04_24 pago S DSC02288 -1

02_04_24 pago S DSC02283 -1
Stu told us this ruin, adjacent to the church, was the original building, destroyed in a storm.

02_04_24 pago S DSC02286 -1

02_04_24 pago S DSC02290 -1
Road house?


02_04_24 pago S DSC02295_Localtone
View of the port. The very top of our ship can be seen in the middle. Because it is in a lagoon, the port is one of the safest in the islands... one of the reasons the US chose it for the capital of American Samoa

02_04_24 pago S DSC02302 -1
Back at the port

02_04_24 pago S DSC02303_Localtone
A neighbor


02_04_24 pago S DSC02305 -1
The Big and the Small of it.

View from our balcony.

02_04_24 pago S DSC02306 -1
02_04_24 pago S DSC02307 -1

02_04_24 pago S DSC02308 -1
Governor's Mansion. Built when the US founded American Samoa so he could have a view of the island (according to Stu).


02_04_24 pago S DSC02311 -1
The port. As with many, we shared the space with containers.


02_04_24 pago S DSC02317 -1
The other side of the Starkist plant


02_04_24 pago S DSC02321_Detail
The rain continued to chase us as we left port.

02_04_24 pago S DSC02330_Detail

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Pago Pago

It all started with a drumroll...

There we were, sitting in our room late Thursday afternoon, docked at the island of Viti Levu in Fiji, watching the rain fall after a tiring day touring the island and waiting for our departure from port. When we heard...

a Drumroll!

Walking onto our balcony, we saw this below us, marching up and down the dock playing traditional band music and performing elaborate maneuvers. All in the pouring rain, which didn't bother them in the least.

An unexpected and outstanding end to a day in Fiji.

02_08_24 fiji S DSC02424 -1
02_08_24 S fiji DSC02426 -1
02_08_24 fiji S DSC02428 -1
02_08_24 fiji S DSC02429 -1

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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Another beautiful tropical island. We didn't spend much time ashore but discovered the best air conditioning on the island!

01_31_24 bora  S DSC02158 -1

01_31_24 bora S DSC02152 -1
First of several images of the extinct volcano behind the village


01_31_24 bora S DSC02155 -1
The best air conditioning on the island... the local post office. A good thing because, in addition to stamps and postage, a lot of complicated paperwork and long discussions. With three clerks, the wait to mail something to the US was over 1/2 hour! 

01_31_24 bora S DSC02160 -1
01_31_24 bora S DSC02162 -1
01_31_24 bora S DSC02163 -1
01_31_24 bora S DSC02171 -1

01_31_24 bora S DSC02172 -1

01_31_24 bora S DSC02182 -1
01_31_24 bora S DSC02192_Localtone

01_31_24 bora S DSC02195 -1
Tender company.

01_31_24 bora S DSC02196 -1
Traveling away...

01_31_24 bora S DSC02203 -1

01_31_24 bora S DSC02205 -1
Last view of Bora Bora

01_31_24 bora S DSC02207_Localtone
Barrier reef with rain in the distance


01_31_24 bora S DSC02213 -1
Localized rain. Rendered as tri-color

01_31_24 bora S DSC02220 -1

01_31_24 bora S DSC02222_Detail
Dramatic effect

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Bora Bora