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07_09 jailhouse wine front As part of my Day Job, I spend a lot of time behind bars (no, no... it is not what you think: the job requires visiting jails and prisons around the country!), so when Ruth brought home these three bottles of wine I felt an immediate affinity to them!

Finally, a wine to drink in the company of prison and jail officials who tend towards beer.

And a wine that relates to a career in corrections!

Each bottle features a screw-top so you don't have mess with those pesky corkscrews.

You don't even need to know that one red is a Syrah, the white is a Pinot Grigio and  the other red a Grenache/Syrah/ Mouruedre blend... just order Red, White or Blend. Better yet, order a bottle of Slammer, a bottle of Birdman or a bottle of Lineup!

Every detail was considered, from the image on the top to the jailhouse descriptions on the back labels.

(click on an image to enlarge it)

07_09 jailhouse wine top

07_09 slammer back close

07_09 birdman back close

07_09 lineup back close

More fun: visit the winery's website at The Big House

Jailhouse wine: redefining hooch and pruno!

(All images by Bill Terry, Images by Bill)


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