Alaskan Michael Jackson Tribute (not another Sarah Palin joke)
How hot is it in your neighborhood??

Jodi... The Early Years (subtitle: A Father's Pride)

I had so much fun putting these pictures on Facebook, I just had to post them on the weblog. Amazing, the old snapshots and posed shots... all done on traditional film and stuck in albums or boxes.

Collected, dusted off, scanned into digital with their scratches, creases and all.  Then on to "adjusting" in PaintShop Pro,  although truth be known, not so much because I like the patina of age. And finally morphed into a slideshow courtesy of the wizards at SmugMug.

All the while the memories flooding back in, hidden away by the hubbub of daily life and leaping out to hit unexpectedly hard. 


here she is NOW:

07_09 jodi from facebook

And here she is THEN:


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