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Nigerian Prince moves to Ireland and a Bad Day at Amex

I received two interesting letters this week (yes, snail mail still exists)...

The first one was a "personal letter" from a guy named Pino Pace, an External Auditor for the Bank of Ireland, informing me I had possibly inherited  25% of 14.9 million dollars!! Life is good... I am RICH... good-bye job, hello easy living. Oh, wait a minute, I think this is the same Nigerian Prince that was e-mailing for help moving his money out of country for a small upfront fee. He changed his name, moved to Ireland and is using the mail now!Pino Pace scam 

More disturbing was a letter from my very good friends at American Express. In part, it said...
08_09 amex letter_Page_1 edited
The stolen information, American Express goes on to say, included names, account numbers, mag stripe information including expiration date, PIN numbers, states of residence and/ or zip codes.

Why mess with high tech hacking into databases when you can just steal the data from the inside! 

American Express did not, by the way, cancel any cards. They just heightened their fraud monitoring and detection controls as well as advising everyone to carefully review their billing statement. Makes me feel much more comfortable!!

'Sure am glad that all is still well and good in the world of crime!

Good shot...

So there we were, sitting in the backyard at sunset. Misters and fans cooling the 105 outside temperature, tunes on the speakers, thinking about cranking up the grill for dinner.  My friend Mark pulled out a bottle of Beringer Sparkling White Zinfandel, "Six Buck Pink Wine." Very Carbonated.

Not being one for the traditional cover the cork and let it pop into your hand, Mark rocked the top off and we watched it explode high into the air. Very carbonated. Up, out and over the back wall.

Where did it land, you ask? Here is where it hit the ground (look carefully at the middle of the bottom yellow line):

08_09 cork in road 2

Good shot, Mark. And that is a car passing in the background, courtesy of the long exposure.

The Joys of a Lazy Summer Saturday Night!