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Somewhere between Salt Lake City and Phoenix...

If you travel a lot, you have been here: flying home, tired after a long day, vaguely uncomfortable (in my case suffering the ill- effects of a bad cold), jammed into a seat just a bit too small, rough in clothes you have been wearing too long... and looking out the window at a surreal sunset:

(full-size, high-def versions of these images are in my 2009 & Sunrise Sunset Galleries at my Galleries site)

10_09 thumb slc to phx sunset 01
10_09 thumb slc to phx sunset 05
10_09 thumb slc to phx sunset 02
10_09 thumb slc to phx sunset 03
10_09 thumb slc to phx sunset 04 


Little known facts... Gainesville, GA

Need to amaze your friends and colleagues with your knowledge of useless trivia?

OK, here is some:

10_09 thumb poultry capital of the world Gainesville, GA is a small town 54 miles northeast of Atlanta. It bills itself as The Poultry Capital of the World and even has a Poultry Park. 

According to the city's website, After World War II- A visionary named Jesse Jewell started what was to become the state's largest agricultural crop- poultry. The $1,000,000,000 a year industry has given Gainesville the title "Poultry Capital of the World."

And there is more:

In 1821, the city of Mule Camp Springs renamed itself Gainesville (good decision)

In 1902, Gainesville became the first city south of Baltimore to have street lights. 

In 1937 & 1938, President Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the city. 

In 1996, Gainesville served as the Rowing/Kayaking Venue for the 1996 Olympics. During the Olympics Gainesville was named Hospitality Capital of the World by an NBC Broadcaster.

Now you know.

10_09 thumb gainesville at night

University decides Zombies no longer a threat

10_09 zombie stickerBuried in the back of today's newspaper, a significant policy change from Florida. I personally am much relieved that a Major University feels this is no longer a threat:

The University of Florida's response plans for a zombie apocalypse are no longer available for public consumption.

UF spokesman Steve Orlando said Friday the university removed a link to a disaster recovery exercise, which detailed how the school could respond to an outbreak of the undead. The link was taken down late Thursday afternoon.

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