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The Singer

Disclaimer (nothing like a good whine): Shooting indoor gigs is not my strong suit and I have never been very good at it. Part of the reason is I dislike flash work because it artificially lights a scene and most often distracts from what is going on, focusing attention on the camera not the subject. Light bounces around doing strange things and freezing people usually ends up with unflattering expressions even on the nicest of folk (I do envy photographers that can consistently get good candid shots!) .

So saying, every now and then I'm at an event that warrants recording so I do what I can.

The Singer
Sister Dee  performing at the Celtic Cafe in Winston- Salem, NC Feb. 13. The Family was in attendance as Official Groupies.

02_10 thumb singer
02_10 thumb dee reflection

Good End to a Hard Day...

(edited 02/18/10)

So here is where Floridians (or anyone living by the ocean) have an advantage over the rest of the world.

When you have had a really hard day... or a whole series of hard days... you can walk out on to the beach and partake of The Universal Cure:

Take off your shoes, sink your toes into the warm soft sand and...
02_10 toes in sand
look out over the vastness of the ocean. After a few moments, life gets better.
02_10 thumb looking out over ocean

Obligatory Florida Sunset Images

  02_10 fll sunset 1  02_10 fll sunset 2