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Way Out West... way out on the road to nowhere

Friday, 3/26

Southeast of Phoenix, AZ lies the small town of Fort Grant... the word town being loosely used because it consists of an abandoned airport and a State Prison. Fort Grant started life in 1860, becoming a US Army Fort, existing for a while as the State Industrial School For Wayward Boys and Girls (no, I'm not making that up: look it up) and finally ending up as a State Prison. It is one of the most isolated places I have ever been yet it lays claim to being home to Billy the Kid and Edgar Rice Burroughs! 

Fort Grant is 38.4 miles from Safford, AZ and 21.7 miles of the road feels like The Desolate Road To Nowhere. Friday was a typical Arizona day that makes decent photography nigh on impossible; bright, bright sun without a cloud in the sky but a stiff wind kicking up dust (Arizona is 90% dust) so everything had kind of a bright brownish hazy tint. 

03_10 thumb rd to ft grant
03_10 thumb hill and wash   03_10 thumb dead tree
03_10 thumb snake trail 309
03_10 thumb old bridge foundation 1
03_10 thumb tree centered

Duh... are we all really this stupid?

Ruth was putting out some votive candles (the little candles with the aluminum wrap that you put in things like fancy candles holders)  the other day and, mostly out of boredom, I read what was on the box. I am unsure on what to feel about what was in the warnings:

  • Should I feel insulted that "they" think we are really that stupid?
  • ARE we so stupid that warnings like this are necessary?
  • (and if so, aren't we also too stupid to read the warnings?)
  • Is this just another example of the "McDonald's Hot Coffee" syndrome, proving once again that we are too litigious a society?
03_10 candle warning

Night Colors- Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

A number of years ago, Las Vegas covered over several blocks of the dying old strip on Fremont Street with a 17.5 million dollar high-tech grid and promoted the area as the Fremont Street Experience... 12.5 million LED lights backed by lots of computer power pushing hourly light shows. All the street and casino lights dim and the grid transforms into one of seven ginourmous themed light shows accompanied by appropriate music and sound effects.

Foot traffic only, lots of kiosks selling adult beverages, eclectic "high-end carnival booths" along the avenue selling touristy stuff, access to the old casinos and lots of tourists (with the occasional local, usually a panhandler or "unique" individual) feeling the effects of their indulgences. 

03_10 thumb fremont lightshow 1

03_10 thumb fremont lightshow in red  
03_10 thumb fremont window reflections
03_10 thumb fremont lightshow 2

Las Vegas Timewarp- the 60's

Out walking down Las Vegas Blvd. early this morning and, without realizing it, I was suddenly back in the 60's... 'Vegas the way it used to be before the Bigness and Fanciness covered it up: still a bit shabby, always a bit worn around the edges and real tacky. 

Old- style Motels and strange shops...

03_10 thumb holiday motel
03_10 thumb tatoos and smoke shop

03_10 thumb rummel motel

Unexpected signs in unexpected places...

03_10 earthquake ethels
03_10 thumb dollar days at the sahara

The ever-present Wedding Chapels, with "such a deal" and their insinuations of sexual fantasies to follow...

03_10 thumb fun city

03_10 thumb holiday house

03_10 thumb hollywood weddings

And the occasional strangeness, sometimes intentional, oft times not... 

03_10 thumb diversity
03_10 thumb peeking clown
03_10 the perfect setting
(OK, maybe the last one isn't the 60's... BUT who could resist... Denny's is the Perfect Setting for Your Perfect Wedding??? Not even in Las Vegas!!!!!)