The Singer
Night Colors- Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

Las Vegas Timewarp- the 60's

Out walking down Las Vegas Blvd. early this morning and, without realizing it, I was suddenly back in the 60's... 'Vegas the way it used to be before the Bigness and Fanciness covered it up: still a bit shabby, always a bit worn around the edges and real tacky. 

Old- style Motels and strange shops...

03_10 thumb holiday motel
03_10 thumb tatoos and smoke shop

03_10 thumb rummel motel

Unexpected signs in unexpected places...

03_10 earthquake ethels
03_10 thumb dollar days at the sahara

The ever-present Wedding Chapels, with "such a deal" and their insinuations of sexual fantasies to follow...

03_10 thumb fun city

03_10 thumb holiday house

03_10 thumb hollywood weddings

And the occasional strangeness, sometimes intentional, oft times not... 

03_10 thumb diversity
03_10 thumb peeking clown
03_10 the perfect setting
(OK, maybe the last one isn't the 60's... BUT who could resist... Denny's is the Perfect Setting for Your Perfect Wedding??? Not even in Las Vegas!!!!!)


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