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Signs of the Time...

"Don't worry, guys, we had to sell the building BUT we're still hiring."

04_10 thumb for sale or lease

"Yeah, we had to layoff the landscapers, but don't be concerned: YOUR jobs are secure" 

04_10 thumb corporate headquarters

"And we'll be getting that American flag back up REAL SOON... we're just a little shorthanded at the moment, what with having to sell the building and all!"
04_10 thumb for sale or lease 2

(Fort Lauderdale, FL; 04/29,2010)

Charley... CHARLEY!!!

When you drive down the long lane into a horse farm in South Florida, you can't miss seeing a smallish shed just before you get to the cabin. Looking closer, the signs "Charley's Place" and "Where The Buffalo Roams" stand out.

04_10 thumb 1 charleys place 

As with the rest of the farm, it is very nicely kept up, fresh paint, ceiling fan, etc. The building looks like a single loafing shed for a horse named Charley (it is a horse ranch after all), but what about the rest of the sign... where the buffalo roams... what's up with that?

The CLUE is a large lump under a tree at the far end of the field...

04_10 thumb 2 charley from afar

IT MOVES... and it has gotten up and is coming closer!

04_10 thumb 3 charley standing afar 

It is CHARLEY THE BUFFALO (a buffalo on a horse farm... a very nice horse farm... in South Florida? THAT is a story in and unto itself!!!)

04_10 thumb 4 charley closer

OK... now here is a small problem. Charley is BIG (very big), doesn't look particularly pleased and is headed towards me at a very rapid rate (very rapid... the ground shakes when he gallops). There is a fence between us but I suspect the fence will be the equivalent of several toothpicks at the rate Charley is moving.

What to do????

A very quick shot and then GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!!

04_10 thumb 5 charley on the move 

Epilogue: all came out well: Charley lost interest in trampling, mauling. eating, tossing or otherwise doing in the lone photographer and wandered off. I recovered nicely, aided by a cold beverage.

Coast to Coast Sunrises

Readers of this blog will remember one of my favorite whines (as opposed to favorite wines. which I never whine about) is that, when traveling, the only time I seem to have time to shoot is early morning, and even that is problematic given time changes and three hours sleep and all the "stuff" that has to be done when on the road.

SO, whining notwithstanding, I traversed the country in a week, managing to get sunrises on both Coasts.