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Las Vegas: City of Light- City of Night

07_10 las night view

Which translates to not very interesting for a photographer during the day, particularly when it is a bright, cloudless day. The Las Vegas Strip just doesn't have a lot of appeal in the daylight. In fact the old girl shows more than a few wrinkles, even on the New Strip, in the harsh glare of day. 

But just down the street is the new CityCenter project, a huge (76 acres; 16,797,000 square feet) complex of new buildings built in the heart of the Strip. As with most new construction, lots of glass and shiny stuff at strange angles, making

Early Morning Reflections:  

07_10 thumb las elvis 2 reflection
07_10 thumb las crane reflection  07_10 thumb las under construction reflection
07_10 thumb las staircase reflection
07_10 thumb las aria reflection

And even a self-portrait...in three- part harmony!

07_10 thumb self portrait


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