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Southern Sunset

Before we start, a lesson in pronouncing the name of the city I am in:

04_11 thumb louisville lites

Now that you can speak the name, on with the sunset 04_11 thumb louisville lites
General George Rogers Clark
04_11 thumb louisville lites
Reflected clouds
04_11 thumb louisville lites
Twin bridges, a bit before sunset
04_11 thumb louisville lites

Louisville, Kentucky

Re-purposing Used Wine Corks

Re-purposing Used Wine Corks

Use #35637

When the exterminator inadvertently (mainly because we didn't tell him) drills through a sprinkler line while doing a termite treatment...

Cut the pipe and temporarily (about a month) plug both ends with used wine corks until you can get around to installing a patch.

(note clever use of Opal Winery and Chateau Morrisette Winery corks)
(the orange thingee is a tablecloth clamp that was lying around)

04_11 thumb corks in pipe
(but before re-burying)
04_11 thumb pipe repaired