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A Flying What?

Granted, it had been a long day. I was walking through the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Airport thinking about, well actually not thinking about much of anything, and getting ready to go through security. I stopped to fiddle with my backpack and, looking up, realized that something wasn't just right.

Biplane wings and a propeller... ok, an airplane replica in an airport, that's not too unusual. WAIT A MINUTE, the wings and propeller connect to a... big silver PIG???!!!  Now this is just wrong: why, in a nice conservative airport, would anyone memorialize a flying pig, not just any flying pig but one with airplane wings and a propellor instead of feathered wings?

I had stumbled upon the little known, but infamous, flying pig from Porkopolis. The ever reliable internet advises that Cincinnati was once famous for its pork slaughterhouses. The trainloads of pigs stopped and, when the doors were opened, pigs "flew" from the cars trying to avoid becoming bacon. Or it could just be a take-off on the famous adynaton, "When pigs fly."  

So what else would the city fathers put in their expensive airport but a statue of a flying pig? Put there to surprise weary travelers, making them wonder if they had maybe been working a bit too hard after all.

05_11 thumb cincinatti flying pig FLIGHT DSC01621_2_3_tonemapped

San Francisco: The Big Picture

Edited 05/04/11

Panoramic Sunset from Treasure Island, CA
(click on image for bigger view)

San Francisco Skyline
04_11 thumb san francisco DSC01164_5_6_tonemapped deep FINISHED2(ed. note: this image does not render well on the blog: it is darker and "muddier" than the original. Hopefully it will show better in high-def when I post it to my galleries)

Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz Island
04_11 thumb san fran bay DSC01140_1_2_tonemapped finished

April 28, 2011