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The Big Peach
Gaffney, South Carolina

If you have ever driven I85 between Atlanta and Charlotte, you saw the Big Peach. In fact, you can't miss it: headed South it sits just off the interstate on your right conveniently located at the end of a long curve so you look straight at it before passing by.

We have been driving past it for years (since 1981 to be specific) and have never stopped, but every time we pass it, even if alone, someone says "There's the Big Peach!" Finally, we took a few moments to tour the Big Peach up close and personal...

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Big Peach ("Peachoid") Trivia
05_12 thumb georgia peach DSC05440_1_2_tonemapped

 Since 1996, the small area surrounding the Big Peach has been Millwood Park.
Unfortunately the Park is currently closed and somewhat unkempt. 05_12 thumb georgia peach DSC05440_1_2_tonemapped

More trivia:

- There have been allegations that from a certain angle, the Big Peach resembles... hmmmm... an anatomical part of a woman's body. Big Peach Believers dismiss such nonsense.

- The frontage road that runs by the Big Peach is Peachoid Road.

- South Carolina is the 2nd largest producer of peaches (2nd only to California), which occasionally gripes their Southern neighbor, The Peach State.

- The peach is the official South Carolina State Fruit

- South Carolina gave itself the nickname "The Tastier Peach State



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