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Miscellaneous Images- Napa, Oakland & Houston

Last of the Napa images:

09_12 thumb calistoga water DSC06530_1_2_tonemapped
09_12 thumb calistoga water DSC06530_1_2_tonemapped
09_12 thumb calistoga water DSC06530_1_2_tonemapped
Oakland Harbor (Jack London Square):

09_12 thumb setting sail IMG_0590
09_12 thumb setting sail IMG_0590
Houston, Texas:

10_12 thumb houston skyline DSC06639 -1

This last image requires a bit of explanation. Behind the Hilton at Houston Hobby Airport is a somewhat rundown, plain white one story office complex. I have been walking by the buildings for almost a year now and it looks like a typical struggling set of small office suites... beginning to show some age, not 100% occupied and hosting small companies that cannot afford nice digs.

Look at the entrance sign: "Professional and Medical Center." OK...

5 Doctors
3 assorted businesses (furniture, hair and design)
1 mystery business (Quality Institute of America??)
 5 (count them- 5) Churches/ Ministries. When you walk around the building, none of these occupants have big signs normally associated with churches, just little plaques on the doors, and each one occupied a small suite.

Just struck me as very strange when I thought about it.  

10_12 thumb pro bldg sign DSC06652 -1

Need a quick $10 mil?

Fifty_million_dollars_cashlas_vegasNeed a quick and easy $10 million dollars? Here is your answer!

Golly, could this possibly be a scam?

Or could it be that the infamous Nigerian Prince changed his name, moved to the US, joined the Marine Corps. and was shipped to Afghanistan where he found a pile of money?

(how stupid do they think we are... OK... don't answer that)

From: Bruce Barren
To: Me 

From: Sgt.Bruce Barren.

I am Sgt.Bruce Barren, a US Marine Sgt.serving in the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment.I am presently in Afghanistan.I have summoned up courage to contact you for an assistance to evacuate some cash (Ten Million Dollars) to the States or any safe country.


Some money in various currencies was discovered and concealed in barrels with piles of weapons and ammunition at a location near one of the Taliban Caves during a rescue operation and it was agreed by all party present that the money will be shared among us.

I will provide you with more details upon the receipt of your response.

Semper Fi.


Sgt Bruce Barren

United States Marine Corps.