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Getting from here to there: Washington stopover

Getting from here to there: a multi-part tale

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On December 4 we started a five day cross- country tour, old- style on trains- three different trains. Orlando, FL to Washington, DC to Chicago, IL to Emeryville, CA just outside of San Francisco in five days. Over the next several weeks I will post images of the trip in multiple posts.

It started at the train station in Orlando, FL. To be absolutely factual, it started as a bus ride from Tampa to Orlando to catch the train. 

A comment on train stations. If you travel a lot, most train stations appear stuck in a time warp... an older style of traveling. The decor, furnishings and technology are all dated.

12_04_17 waiting for the train DSC00347
Waiting outdoors for the train. No jetways?


12_04_17 waiting for the train DSC00347
Redefining a Refreshment Center


12_04_17 waiting for the train DSC00347
"Mommy, what are those little boxes with doors for? Do bad people get put in them?"

Side note: when you get on the train, you just get on. No waiting in line, no going through security, no scanning tickets. Just get on, find your seat/ compartment and wait for a conductor to come by checking tickets. At most stations the train stops for ten minutes or less.


Overnight to our first transfer: Washington, DC.

12_05_17 capitalDSC00356
From the steps of Union Station

  More to follow in upcoming weeks...


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