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Between "the Covid" and surgery, the only Hither and Yon posting I can give you is around the house...

Drainboard Jenga
(yes, it really is how our drainboard looked... well, maybe a couple of things strategically placed))

07_20 drainboard jenga DSC05484


Ever looked at the very small instructions that occasionally come inserted in deliveries?
We know that very little is actually made here anymore, most of it comes from over there. So bad grammar and poor syntax have become staples (fire killer?).

But really, no English SpellCheck?




07_20 drainboard jenga DSC05484


Another example, this one is a small cardboard insert. 
The grammar and text aren't bad,
but think about it:

A family business that has to print in both Chinese and English? That's a fairly far reach!

Or is it just me that finds it strange?

07_20 drainboard jenga DSC05484

Two Instacart grocery deliveries, each with a pound of butter for Ruth's baking.

The end of an era in two weeks.

07_20 drainboard jenga DSC05484

Not a clue what this is. It appeared one day on a counter. Very small, the wood grain is the fine grain of our dining room table. Not sure what it is made of... some kind of smooth fiber, maybe very thin plastic.

I have been looking at it for a couple of months now, occasionally moving it around, and have no idea what it is, where it came from or how it got here.
One of the mysteries of life.

07_20 drainboard jenga DSC05484

4th of July was very strange this year.

All the big fireworks shows, that we watched from the house, were cancelled. There were almost no family fireworks going off around us. Even the booms that accompanied the evening were subdued.

Two really bad pictures sum up the evening...

Someone set off a single aerial a long way from us.
07_20 firworks DXO_0361 -1

The moon and clouds were the most dramatic display of the evening.
07_20 firworks DXO_0361 -1

July, 2020


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