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New neighbors...

In the midst of the Pandemic, new neighbors moved in.

A Flock of Ducks,
A Raft of Ducks,
eam of Ducks,
A Paddling of Ducks

It started as just a couple of Ducks checkin' out the neighborhood,
but quickly grew to six

09_20 ducks 1 DSC05522

And gradually, as the word spread, six became many

09_20 ducks 2 DSC05526
09_20 ducks 2 DSC05526
Until we are inundated with Ducks
(24 counted the other day)

09_20 ducks 5 DSC05544

They are all relatively well- behaved, excepting the occasional
Duck Squabble, and periodic

Mostly they just walk around,
hiding under a tree in the mid-day sun,
and disappearing into the Preserve at night.
Surprisingly, they spend very little time in the pond.

One thing we have learned about ducks,
they don't have the sense to hide in a thunderstorm,
Basically ignoring the wisdom,

Ducks in the Rain
09_20 ducks 7 DSC05563
09_20 ducks 7 DSC05563
09_20 ducks 7 DSC05563

09_20 ducks 7 DSC05563
Parade, exit stage right

September, 2020