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Sunset in Savannah

09_21 savannah sunset DXO_0659_Detail

Everyone who has been to Savannah, GA with a camera or even a cell phone has done a picture of the river bridge at sunset. This is my contribution to the mass.

So, a little different take on the traditional:

09_21 savannah harbor afte dark DSC07322 -1
The bridge long after sunset, about a one-minute HDR exposure


09_21 savannah harbor afte dark DSC07322 -1
Bridge in the round, with observers.


09_21 savannah harbor afte dark DSC07322 -1
It was a dark and cloudy night with lots of rain late one evening.

Straying a bit further off the traditional path, 

Raindrops on our hotel screen window that dark and rainy night. 
09_21 savannah harbor afte dark DSC07322 -1

Reimagined as an impressionist painting.
09_21 savannah harbor afte dark DSC07322 -1
September 20, 23 & 24, 2021

This post is in fond and loving memory of my cousin Tim Blackburn, who we visited in North Carolina just after the rainy images and just before the others. He left us, comfortably in his sleep, the night after we got back to Tampa. Goodbye, cous.

A new next door neighbor

A few weeks ago a new guy moved into the neighborhood, right next door to us. Mostly he just sits on the concrete pond square watching the world go by. Occasionally he goes for an underwater hunting swim, with his head popping up around the pond. He has occasionally been mistaken for an aquatic snake, much to the chagrin of those seeing him.

09_21 bird DSC07243 -1
New neighbor airing it all out.


09_21 bird DSC07243 -1
The longtime resident quackery shares space, mostly ignoring him.


09_21 bird DSC07243 -1
Off to find a snack


09_21 bird DSC07243 -1
Is that a stick... no, it moved... IS IT A SNAKE??? Nah, it's just the new guy.


September 14-15, 2021