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France: Day One, June 4

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Western Europe Wine Quest
Day One, La Havre and Honfleur, France

On the first day of our ten-day wine cruise, the scheduled shore excursion never got started because the bus never arrived. We had been told that lasting effects of the Pandemic could wreak havoc on scheduled events. 

Kelly, our intrepid leader (the one with no red hat), took over, organizing an off-the-cuff wandering. First, a ship-sponsored shuttle bus into La Havre, followed by a tram to the downtown bus station. We got bus tickets to the small city of Honfleur. It was about an hour or so before the bus left, so some of us took a cab to the scenic Hanging Gardens in La Havre, a mid-19th-century fortress with manicured gardens.

La Havre

06_04_22 cruise DSC08503_Localtone
City of La Havre from atop the Hanging Gardens


06_04_22 cruise DSC08489_Localtone
War Memorial downtown. La Havre was decimated during WWII, suffering terrible civilian casualties.
06_04_22 cruise DSC08503_Localtone
Big Birds guarding City Hall (Hotel de Ville translates to City Hall)


06_04_22 cruise DSC08503_Localtone
Big Bird up close


06_04_22 cruise DSC08503_Localtone
Red Plant at the Gardens
06_04_22 cruise DSC08507_Localtone
Another view of La Havre



A crowded intra- city bus took us to the picturesque city of Honfleur. Known for its Vieux-Bassin (old harbor), lined with 16th- to 18th-century townhouses, the city was hosting a giant farmers market with booths lining the major streets. An outdoor lunch at an excellent small local restaurant, where no one spoke English, and wandering the streets filled the day. 

06_04_22 cruise DSC08517_Detail

The Market

06_04_22 cruise DSC08517_Detail
06_04_22 cruise DSC08517_Detail
06_04_22 cruise DSC08517_Detail
06_04_22 cruise DSC08517_Detail
06_04_22 cruise DSC08517_Detail


06_04_22 cruise DSC08534 -1


06_04_22 cruise DSC08534 -1
Cook's window


06_04_22 cruise DSC08534 -1
Artist's window

06_04_22 cruise DSC08534 -1

06_04_22 cruise DSC08555_Detail
Old Harbor patrolled by a Duck

 A return bus, tram ride and a 45 minute walk through beautiful La Havre got us back to the ship. Wonderful day. 

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June 4, 2022 


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