Hey, let's go to Daytona Beach...
Christmas Lights, in the spur of the moment

Random Colorado images

10_13 eye doctor IMG_0513
Equine Optometrist (statue at the entrance to Denver International)



10_23 flash mob IMG_0512
It looks like a prayer meeting, its actually a "mosh pit" late in the evening at a wedding reception


Oh, deer

10_23 flash mob IMG_0512
Next-door neighbor having a crabapple snack


10_23 flash mob IMG_0512
Next door neighbor looking at us looking at him


10_23 larkspur deer DSC00960 -1
Colorado scenic with a deer crossing the road

Wild Gobblers, also neighbors
10_23 larkspur DSC00966 -1
10_23 larkspur DSC00966 -1
10_23 larkspur DSC00979
Two Larkspur scenics

10_23 larkspur DSC00981 -1
Big Rock

10_23 larkspur DSC00983 -1
Four trees scenic

Assorted flowers
(still learning my macro lens)

10_23 larkspur DSC00989 -1
10_23 larkspur DSC00989 -1
10_23 larkspur DSC00989 -1
See these at

Larkspur, Colorado
October, 2023



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