The Panama Canal
Puntarenas, Costa Rica


Images of Costa Rica and Guatemala are coming soon, but first, I want to share one of the more amazing things I have ever seen.

First, the backstory:
On the road to Antigua, Guatemala is a bridge that spans the lava flow from the infamous 2018 Volcano eruption that devastated the area. I had our driver stop so I could photograph it.  What we didn't know is that a volcano above and behind the site was erupting at the same time. The two images below are the awe-inspiring result. To fully appreciate what we saw, you need to look at the pictures in full-size on a computer. Click the link below the pictures to see fully what we saw.

01_07_24 antigua S DSC01609 -1
01_07_24 antigua S DSC01611 -1
Click here to go to the full-size images. It will take you to the first picture, and then click the right arrow to go to the second one. 



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