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Rangiroa, French Polynesia: a walk across an island and back

Crossing the Equator: going from Pollywogs to Shellbacks

We crossed the Equator at approximately 10 pm on 1/26. In anticipation, the ship held a crossing ceremony in the morning known as the "Order of the Shellback" commemorating a first crossing of the equator.  While its origins are quite elaborate and, at times, rough on the participants, the Oceania version was tame and nicely sanitized.

First-time crossers, known as Pollywogs, are initiated into the Order and become Trusty Shellbacks, or sons of Neptune. It all begins with a pledge and a parade...

01_26_24 equator S DSC01957
Waiting for the start, with banners flying


01_26_24 equator S DSC01962 -1
The opening pledge basically promising to be good Trusty Shellbacks (never get off the elevator on the wrong floor, never wear black socks with sandals, learn to properly pronounce the names of all ports, etc.)

01_26_24 equator S DSC01963 -1
The Parade

01_26_24 equator S DSC01964 -1
The Musicians


01_26_24 equator S DSC01965 -1
Pollywog crewmembers


01_26_24 equator S DSC01968 -1
King Neptune and his "wife" Highness Amphitrite

The Proclamation

01_26_24 equator S DSC01971 -1
Presenting the Fish

01_26_24 equator S DSC01974 -1
First, Pollywogs must Kiss the Fish

01_26_24 equator S DSC01976 -1
Pollywog crewmembers went first. Enthusiasm about kissing a big (real) fish varied.

Then the ceremonial Dunking

01_26_24 equator S DSC01978 -1
Dunking has been replaced with a large ladle of ice water


01_26_24 equator S DSC01989 -1
Pollywag Passengers followed the crewmembers. Some were better at kissing the fish than others.


01_26_24 equator S DSC01992
Lined up

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