Auckland, New Zealand: wine island!
Tauranga, New Zealand: short walk to a beautiful beach

Auckland, New Zealand, Day 2: streetwalk and an experiment

Auckland is a beautiful city, nicknamed the "City of Sails" because of its location between two harbors and generally great weather. It is also the largest city in New Zealand with 1.3 million residents. The downtown is an interesting contrast between new and old, making it a great place to streetwalk.

The experiment? The only camera I shot with was my new Amkov R5. CAUTION: photogeek stuff follows; feel free to skip the rest of the paragraph. The Amkov is a miniature camera developed in Hong Kong as a Kickstarter project last year. It looks a lot like a DSLR but is very small; about 1/4 the size of a traditional full-size DLSR, and very light. This makes it good for unobtrusive work. Tech specs, you ask? Mirrorless, Sony CMOS supporting 48mp High-Resolution, AF Autofocus (that works most of the time), 3" flip-up display, 5X optical/ 8X digital zoom functions, and 2G6P lens.  

Anyway, urban streetwalk with a small lens...

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0004_DxOVP
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0005
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0006
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0009

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0002_DxOVP
Sidenote: the public facilities were immaculate

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0011
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0012
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0014
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0018

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0019_2 DxOVP
Barbarella. The image is not grainy, it's the wall finish


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0022
Kiwi dentistry

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0024

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0026
Those who know me will get the insider joke.

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0034
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0035
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0037

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0038
Inside an old restored building

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0039_DxOVP
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0041_DxOVP
02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0042

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0048
Rentals are down in The Guardian. The first floor occupant is an IT store


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0049
Hey, all you Craigs, I found your building!


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0050
Hope the product is better than the sign maintenance

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0053-2

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0057_DxOVP
The other side of the old ferry terminal


02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0061
Who's the Boss?

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0063_DxOVP

02_13_24 NZ S ANMP0066_DxOVP
The interior of an out-of-business Club by the port

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Auckland, New Zealand


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