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Napier, New Zealand: More Wine and a pop quiz

Napier, in Hawke's Bay, is a scenic city, largely rebuilt in an Art Deco style after an earthquake destroyed much of the city in 1931. The weekend we were there was an Art Deco Festival, so lots of vintage cars, people dressed in period costumes, and the city all decorated up. Hawke's Bay enjoys a Californian/ Mediterranean climate and is known for its wine. Off we went to verify the wine quality.

First, a Pop Quiz:

What major export is the area known for?


02_15_24 NZ S DSC02648 -1

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02652
Got it?

Mission Estate Winery
The oldest winery in New Zealand, established in 1851 by French Catholic Missionaries. Trivia: in 2005, Rod Stewart played to 25,000 fans at an annual concert held on the grounds.

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02674 -1

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02656 -1
Top Secret image of an actual tasting


02_15_24 NZ S DSC02657 -1
Wilson puts in an appearance. Note that most folks at the table were smart enough to ignore his antics.

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02658_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02660 -1
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02664_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02665_Localtone

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02671_Localtone
A very small wine cellar. The bottle is in the floor just inside the entrance. It is a bottle of 1963 Fontanelle Sparkling Wine. Memorialized because it was the first wine in New Zealand made using Methode Traditionelle, the traditional method of making champagne-style wines.


02_15_24 NZ S DSC02675_Detail
Proof that we are in New Zealand and not, say, California

Abbey Estate Winery (and Brewery)
A smaller boutique winery located in Bridge Pa, Hawkes Bay. Established in 2002. The main building is an interpretation of a Gothic abbey. Really nice wines!

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02677 -1

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02693_Localtone
Passion Rose 2023

02_15_24 NZ S DSC02678 -1
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02683_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02684_Localtone
02_15_24 NZ S DSC02687 -1

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Napier/ Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


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