Cairns, Australia- a new friend
No Thursday on Saturday

Sydney, Australia- by bus

This is the first of three posts from our two days in Sydney.

- By bus
- By boat- coming soon

- Opera House closeup and leaving- coming soon

Sydney by bus

First stop, the Domain Sydney- a nice park with the most photographed scenic in town, and maybe in the country

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03050_Detail
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03038_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03044_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03045 -1
Interesting factoid: L01 and L02 are STOL amphibious assault ships repurposed by the Australian Navy as helo ships. At least one is always in the harbor in case a Very Important Person in the government or visitor is in need of a helicopter because there are no helicopter landing areas on land in Sydney.

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03048 -1
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03047 -1
Assorted Buildings, through a bus window

02_22_24 sydney s DSC03011_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03013_DxOVP
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03028_Localtone
02_22_24 sydney S DSC03077_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03078 -1
St. Vincents Hospital

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03080_Detail
Street scenes, still through a bus window
(please excuse any reflections or other oops')

02_22_24 sydney DSC03005_Localtone
Under the bridge, looking the other direction


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03018_Localtone
Note to city planners: install more signs here; drivers are complaining they are running out of things to read while waiting for the light to change.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03058_Localtone
New South Wales Art Museum, 'Maman' the spider.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03063 -1
Art of another type


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03067_Localtone
Mad Monkey


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03068_Localtone
Tat and a trim at the same place


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03071_Localtone
Daddy's and...


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03076_Localtone


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03072 -1
with Coca-Cola above it all and...


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03075_Localtone
down there represented.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03081 -1
Even the street signs are polite in Sydney.

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03098_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03101_Localtone
No comment that wouldn't sound ridiculously immature.


02_22_24 Sydney S DSC03102_Localtone
A family joke

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03108_Localtone

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03111_Localtone
(no extra charge for the reflection of our bus)


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03083_Detail
This way to the beach

(world famous) Bondi Beach

02_22_24 sydney SS DSC03085 -1
A National Surfing Reserve is actually a thing?

02_22_24 sydney S DSC03086_2_Detail

02_22_24 sydney SS DSC03088_Localtone
Ruth rescued Wilson from a difficult incident involving his thong speedo, a women's rugby team, and a gallon of marshmallow fluff he had.


02_22_24 sydney S DSC03091 -1
Travis Kelce's girlfriend was in town to do a series of concerts. The maker of Twisties, a popular Australian chip, united two "cultural icons"; thus, Twifties appeared in the sky over Sydney.

02_22_24 Sydney S DSC03095 -1

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Sydney, Australia


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