Auckland, New Zealand, Day 2: streetwalk and an experiment
Napier, New Zealand: More Wine and a pop quiz

Tauranga, New Zealand: short walk to a beautiful beach

Tauranga is a small coastal city in the Bay of Plenty and the fifth most populous city in New Zealand. The harbor features a beautiful beach with Mount Maunganui in the background.

A walk to the beach (technically, the beach is next to our ship, but we walked through town to get to it)...

02_14_24 S NZ DSC02613_Localtone
Coronation Park: very nice

02_14_24 NZ S DSC02614_Detail

02_14_24 NZ S DSC02615 -1
The eyes!


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02611 -2
New Zealand Police closed?


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02616 -1
A Boat and a Bell. Boat Bell? Bell Boat?


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02617 -1
Repurposed Door
02_14_24 NZ S DSC02619 -1
New Zealand Defense Forces recruitment. Snoozepod??


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02619 -1
Planter in an out-of-business mini-mall


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02624
Words of Wisdom


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02630 -1
Pet Stores are very different in New Zealand.


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02631 -1
Thank God its February!

The Beach

02_14_24 NZ S DSC02634_Localtone
A beautiful day to go to the beach!


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02639_Localtone
Four Boats and a Swimmer


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02641_Localtone
Boats in the water, boats on the beach... and a bird


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02643
Working side of the beach


02_14_24 NZ S DSC02645_Detail
Final view with Mount Maunganui (Mauao) in the background

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Tauranga, New Zealand


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