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Wellington, New Zealand: a hiccup and a solo walk

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and the center for cultural, administrative, and political matters. It is another mix of old and new buildings, making it great for streetwalking (tired of the old joke yet?).

A slight hiccup in the Grand Plan:
Ruth strained a lower back muscle in the previous port (could it have been the wine... nah). The ship doctor prescribed two days of low activity and some fairly strong meds. The Good News (?) is, in a show of solidarity with his creator, Wilson decided to stay on board with her. As usual, his motives may have been slightly suspect.  The Best News: after two days, Ruth is fine (not so sure about Wilson).  

02_22_24 wilson S DSC02999_Detail

Another beautiful arrival.

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02704 -1
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02706_Detail

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02707_Detail

The city walk

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02708_Localtone

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02709_Localtone
Supreme Court of New Zealand


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02710 - 2
Staircase down in a new building

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02711 -1

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02712_Localtone
"Woman of Words": statue honoring New Zealand writer, Katherine Mansfield. Made of stainless steel and etched with words from her writings

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02714 -1
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02716_Detail
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02718 -1
02_16_24 NZ S DSC02721 -1

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02724 -1
Window reflection


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02727_Localtone
Nicknamed the Beehive. The executive wing of the New Zealand Parliament

A Study of the Wellington Cenotaph, also known as the Wellington Citizens' War Memorial, in four parts

02_16_24 NZ S DSC02729 -1
"Those who would have been their sons they gave their immortality."


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02730 -1


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02731 -1


02_16_24 NZ S DSC02732 -1

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Wellington, New Zealand


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