Bali (Benoa), Indonesia- 2 of 3- Around Benoa
Rough Seas

Bali (Benoa), Indonesia- 3 of 3- Benoa Port

The Benoa Port is a large complex that opened in 1924.  It continues to grow and is an important port for both freight and international cruise ships.

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03_09_24 bali S DSC03844_Detail
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Two big statues on the main port road

03_09_24 bali S DSC03808_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03810_Localtone

03_09_24 bali S DSC03814_Localtone
Appropriately named the Four Heads Statue


03_09_24 bali S DSC03806_Localtone
Elaborate lamp posts lined the road

View from Deck 11, the top deck of our ship. Bad weather was rapidly approaching our first evening in port and the Captain advised that we would be leaving port earlier than scheduled the following afternoon due to ongoing bad weather.

03_09_24 bali S DSC03815_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03818_Localtone

03_09_24 bali S DSC03819_Localtone
The main entrance to the port

03_09_24 bali S DSC03825_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03828_Localtone

03_09_24 bali S DSC03838_Localtone
Time to go in!

A short walkabout in the port area the next morning due to our early departure.

03_09_24 bali S DSC03841_Localtone
Bali Hai, despite the appearance of their building, is a local success story. What started as a dinner cruise ship developed into a large company building their own resorts and operating a fleet of local ships between them. The building was their first boarding terminal which is now seldom used.

03_09_24 bali S DSC03842_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03845_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03846_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03847_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03853_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03855_Localtone
03_09_24 bali S DSC03857_Localtone

03_09_24 bali S DSC03860_Localtone
This is the closest I could get to an interesting opportunity. I was approached by a uniformed gentleman carrying a large weapon. He politely advised me that I should go no further despite the open gate. I acquiesced to his advice.

03_09_24 bali S DSC03861 -1

03_09_24 bali S DSC03863_Detail
A small offering left from the previous day's religious holiday.

03_09_24 bali S DSC03865_Detail

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Benoa, Indonesia- 3 of 3


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