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Surabaya, Indonesia- Technique Test and Night Moves

Surabaya is a port city on the Indonesian island of Java. The port was perhaps the busiest we have been to, with a large container presence and many ships waiting in the harbor. We had no scheduled excursion outside the city, so we took a shuttle bus to The Mall and back.

Commentary and an Explanation of Technique
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The Mall we visited was HUGE: five levels, plus a sub-level, and branched off in several directions, some branches connecting to hotels. Security was tight, with armed guards and scanners at every entrance. The Mall had almost every American store you could imagine and was immaculate, shiny and clean. It typified an over-the-top American Mall back when they were in their heydays. The entire Mall underplayed the Indonesian presence, up to and including most of the signage being in English. A token nod was given to Ramadan, and a few stores were Indonesian, but they were sanitized to American standards.  I couldn't help but compare the appearance of the Mall to the idealized images of Barbieland in last year's blockbuster. The pricing was up to American levels as well. 

The Mall starkly contrasted with what we saw on the shuttle ride. Tourist agencies and promotional writers notwithstanding, Surabaya is not a pretty city. Looking behind the occasional pretty building and monuments is the gritty reality of a third-world urban environment where people struggle daily to get by. It is difficult to offset the harsh visions.

The images in the first section below were taken through a bus window with my small Amkov camera. I wanted to push the contrast between the glamorous Mall and what surrounded it, so I emphasized the limitations of the small camera. Images are over-sharpened, out of focus and grainy... combining to try to represent an interpretation of what I saw.

03_11_24 bali S ANMP0006-topaz-sharpen
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0011_DxOVP
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0010_DxOVP-topaz-sharpen
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0014_DxOVP
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0017_DxOVP
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0022_DxOVP-topaz-denoise-faceai
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0024_DxOVP
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0026
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0027-topaz-denoise
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0030_DxOVP
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0031
03_11_24 bali S ANMP0042-topaz-sharpen
Departing the busy port at sunset

03_11_24 bali S DSC03890_Localtone-topaz
03_11_24 bali S DSC03895_Detail
03_11_24 bali S DSC03908_Detail
03_11_24 bali S DSC03923_Detail
03_11_24 bali S DSC03927 -1

03_11_24 bali S DSC03929 -1
A crowd watched us depart

03_11_24 bali S DSC03945 -1
03_11_24 bali S DSC03946
03_11_24 bali S DSC03950 -1

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Surabaya, Indonesia


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