Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines- Vigan and back
Kagoshima, Japan- One with the fishies

Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan from afar

A small but persistent back issue kept me on board during our day in Taiwan. So images of the Keelung port from the shipside:

03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04336_Localtone-topaz
03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04337_Localtone-topaz
03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04338_Detail-topaz

03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04339_Localtone-topaz
Taiwan Navy?


03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04340_Localtone-topaz
The point of this picture was not the big building but to capture the figure up on the hill far in the background.


03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04342_Localtone-topaz
More Navy

03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04343_Localtone-topaz

03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04345_Localtone-topaz
Sitting by himself on the dock a good distance from the water.

03_20_24 taiwan S DSC04346_Localtone

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Taipei (Keelung), Taiwan


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