Tokyo, Japan- a Shrine, a Tower, and an evening departure
Hiroshima, Japan- Peace Memorial

Kyoto (Kobe), Japan- An Urban Walkabout

Kobe is another beautiful Japanese city. As with the other cities we visited in Japan, Kobe is immaculate: clean, and no trash anywhere. Our tour today was self-guided, riding the Green Line tourist bus to different areas, including the local Chinatown.

03_27_24 kobe S ANMP0049-topaz
Sake display in the port building. Kobe is known for its sake as well as the Famous Kobe Beef.

A park adjacent to the port

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04616_Localtone
03_27_24 kobe S DSC04617 -1-topaz

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04620 -1
Wilson puts in an appearance. Sidenote: we came up to the display from the side and did not realize that across the walk, there was a longish line waiting to take a picture. The Japanese were so polite that no one said anything when we barged in the way and smiled at Wilson.

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04621_Localtone-topaz
03_27_24 kobe S DSC04622 -1-topaz

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04624 -1-topaz
The Japanese love their towers. This one was undergoing refurbishment and will not be open until later this year.


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04625_Localtone-topaz
I think the metal plaque is a well-worn diagram of the park.


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04627 -1
A roof

Signs of the City

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04631_Detail-topaz

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04636_Detail
Street marker

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04637_Localtone
03_27_24 kobe S DSC04640_Localtone

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04642_Localtone
Spiderman puts in an appearance


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04647_Localtone
Fufu everywhere

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04650_Detail


03_27_24 kobe S ANMP0057
Green Line stop marker. Times were, at best, a suggestion!


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04645_Localtone
A seldom-seen site in the US: a large cigarette machine

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04648_Detail-topaz
03_27_24 kobe S DSC04649_Localtone
03_27_24 kobe S DSC04651_Localtone

03_27_24 kobe S DSC04652_Localtone-topaz
Chinatown was a busy place.


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04658_Localtone-topaz
An ice cream cone served on a pole.


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04661_Localtone-topaz
Not all shops were thriving.


03_27_24 kobe S DSC04663_Detail
Even the covers in the street were colorful,

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Kobe, Japan


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