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Kyoto (Kobe), Japan- An Urban Walkabout

Tokyo, Japan- a Shrine, a Tower, and an evening departure

Tokyo has always had a soft spot in my heart because it is my birthplace. My early memories, however, may be suspect because I celebrated my first birthday on a ship back to the US. For those of you who say, "Whaaaaa...?," my father was in the Army, working under General MacArthur after the end of WWII, assigned to assist in rebuilding the Japanese whaling endeavors. His duty station ended shortly before I reached the ripe old age of one. There is a family urban legend about why I was born in Tokyo General Hospital instead of the military hospital, but that is best left for another day. 

Tokyo is a beautiful, big city. Tokyo is also a very crowded city.

Meiji Jingu

Meiji Jingu is a Shinto shrine in Shibuya, Tokyo, dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken. Mutsuhito, posthumously honored as Emperor Meiji reigned from 1867 to his death in 1912. He was responsible for rapid changes in Japan, transforming it from an isolationist, feudal state to an industrialized world power. 

Ahh, the peaceful surroundings and serenity of a shrine...

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04506_Localtone
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04507_Localtone
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04510_Detail
Not so much, 

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04509_Localtone
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04511_Localtone-topaz
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04512_Localtone-topaz
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04519_Localtone-topaz

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04520_Detail-topaz
The crowd envelops a traditional wedding

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04533_Localtone-topaz
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04535 -1
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04534_Localtone
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04537 -1
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04538_Localtone
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04547_Localtone
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04548_Localtone
Tokyo Tower

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04550_Localtone
We are going up where?


03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04551_Localtone-topaz
A temple surrounded by graves

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04555_Localtone-topaz
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04565_Localtone-topaz

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04575_Detail-topaz
Tokyo Tower was once the highest structure in the city. Then, another tower was built higher, and then this building was built even higher. Tokyo Tower is in third place and is now just a tourist attraction.


03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04576_Localtone-topaz
Soccer from afar


03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04571_Localtone
Shrine honoring the Tower

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04580_Localtone

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04584-topaz -1
A long way down

An evening departure from Tokyo.

03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04585 -1-topaz
03_24_24 tokyo S DSC04593 -1-topaz

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Tokyo, Japan


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