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Cochin, India- An Out-of-Business interlude

Off to the side where we docked in the port of Cochin, India, were two boats on scaffolds and out-of-business... obviously untouched for a while. They are named the Mega Dolphin Iviskos and the Venice Carnival.

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Some history:

Both were manufactured at the Volograd Shipbuilding yard in Russia, the Mega Dolphin in 1995 and the Venice Carnival in 1996. They are Kolhida model Hydrofoils, two of approximately forty that were built and are classified as high-speed vessels with a gross tonnage of 135 tons.  Russian hydrofoils were popular in Russia, Europe, and Canada as ferries and short-tour boats.  Hydrofoil popularity has declined because of the difficulties of building and maintaining them compared to newer generation boats. The only interior views I could find showed rows of comfortable seating in what appeared to be first-class and economy sections.  

Both ships operated under different names:

Mega Dolphin Iviskos was, at one time or another, the
Adriatic Joy
Seaflight IV (Canada)
Seawing I
Katran 2

Venice Carnival was
Seaflight 3 (Canada)
Katran 3

The hydrofoils have had multiple owners. They were bought by the TOP Line tourist agency in Croatia in 1999, which acquired them as a new business line and chartered them out. TOP Line sold them to Atlas, another travel agency based in Split, Croatia, in 2002. Atlas, in turn, sold them to Greek owners in 2009.

The Mega Dolphin is shown as currently registered in the Caribbean island of Dominica and Venice Carnival in the West African country of Togo. I couldn't find any record of their sailing in either place. According to registry records, they spent time in Canada, where all hydrofoils were named Seaflight, and in Greece, according to picture sources.  

The last entries for both are in the mid-2000s and show them on ground stands somewhere other than India. Given their dilapidated appearances, particularly the Venice Carnival, neither has received any attention for quite a while and are sitting abandoned. 

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Cochin, India


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