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Zanzibar, Tanzania- 1 of 3- Grocery shopping in Africa

Stone Town, the historical center of Zanzibar, is home to the Darajani Bazaar, a huge marketplace selling vegetables, spices, dried goods, meat, and seafood. While largely outdoor, there is a smallish central building, built in the early 1900s and un-airconditioned, featuring meat and seafood.

Cautionary note: if you are squeamish about your meats and seafood "au naturel," you may wish to approach the latter part of this post with... ahem... a grain of salt (poor marketplace humor). 

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07269_Localtone-topaz

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07268_Localtone-topaz

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07270 -1-topaz
05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07273_Detail-topaz
Rice and Beans


05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07274_Detail-topaz-topaz


05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07277_Localtone-topaz
Meat and Seafood Market. First-time Visitors tip: come here early in the day. The smell is tolerable then.

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07275_Localtone-topaz

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07278_Localtone-topaz
Not sure about the purpose of the helmet and he was not in a mood to answer questions.

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07279 -1-topaz

05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07280_Localtone-topaz
05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07281 -1-topaz
05_23_24 zanzibar S DSC07282 -1
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Zanzibar, Tanzania
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